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Sample Alert

Daily Alert - Monday, March 21, 2005

Today we have one new trade order and one adjustment:

Stock: Yahoo! Inc.
Exchange: NASDAQ

Just about every person who has used the internet has at one time used the search engine of Yahoo! Inc. The company has not been a Wall Sreet favorite of late, but this is not a concern for this short term trade.

Our technical indicators are telling us that with a break of $31.50 we could see a short term move to the area of $35.00. This is a play based solely on the technicals of Yahoo! Inc.

We will buy the stock when it breaks 31.50 with an initial target of 34.95 and an initial stop loss of 29.90. If we reach our target, we will close the trade with a 10.60% gain. Our initial stop loss represents a potential risk of 5.38%. We will allocate the usual 25% of total portfolio value to this trade.

Stock: Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)
Action: Buy 31.60
Initial Target: 34.95 or 10.60%
Initial Stop: 29.90 or 5.38%
% of Funds: 25%

Stock: Apple Computer Inc.
Exchange: NASDAQ

Our Apple trade has been moving along nicely but as of today our analysis leads us to believe that we may see a retracement back to the 40.00 area. In order to protect ourselves against the possible retracement, we will raise our stop loss to 41.90 locking in 2.35 points or a 5.94% gain. Our target price will remain the same at 43.50.

Stock: Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL)
Action: Adjust Stop Loss to 41.90
Target: 43.50
Stop Loss: 41.90