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About Insight Stock Picks

Insight Stock Picks Mission Statement

To become an integral part of our subscribers' trading success by providing the swing trader with low risk but high reward trades that have a high probability of being profitable under the current market conditions.

Our Monthly Goal

Our monthly goal is to increase the value of our model portfolio by 8% or more. Over the last 2 years our swing trading strategy has averaged close to 8% per month. We believe that all subscribers who are patient and mimic our picks precisely will have these same types of results. Although past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Our Fee

Our fee is $49.99 per month.

About Us

Simply put - we are traders. We analyze thousands of stocks daily. Using our proprietary methods, we select stocks which we believe have the highest probability of trending on a daily time frame.

We rely primarily on technical analysis for swing trade selection. We believe that fundamental analysis is generally not useful for trades that last 30 days or less.

Only stocks with a trading price over $5.00 are analyzed. All stocks selected must have the liquidity necessary to absorb our subscribers' purchases with out affecting the stock's price.

We do not select penny stocks. Our stock picks are listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE or AMEX.

We do not accept any form of compensation from any entity to select or recommend their stock.

In order to avoid any question of improper conduct on the part of our service, Insight Stock Picks and its employees do not take positions in the stocks we select for the model portfolio.

Each stock picked will be listed on a daily alert in the members' area. The alert will list the name of the stock and the exchange it is traded on, the stock's ticker symbol, a precise entry and exit price, and a stop loss price. In addition a daily commentary will be provided for each stock selected.

We attempt to exit all losing trades with small losses and let our winning trades run. We will however exit certain trades before our target sale price is reached, if our proprietary indicators tell us that it would be prudent to do so. Subscribers will be alerted in our daily alerts to any early exits.