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Insight Stock Picks, in conjunction with our autotrade partner,, is now offering our monthly stock picks for free!

If you want to receive the Insight Stock Picks for free every month, just open an account with by clicking the banner below...

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How do we do it?


Just subscribe to Insight Stock Picks and open an account with to execute our stock picks. If you execute 10 or more transactions in a month, will rebate $49.99 in commissions to your account to reimburse you for the Insight Stock Picks monthly fee.

Just to clarify, 10 transactions equals 5 swing trades. Since we provide 5-20 swing trades per month, you will always receive the $49.99 rebate if you trade all our stock picks

Thinking about autotrading?

If you autotrade all our stock picks for a month through, you will automatically receive the $49.99 rebate to your each month.

For more information on autotrading, go to our Autotrade section.