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Auto Trade the Best Stock Picks with Our Online Providers

Below is our list of autotrade providers.

If you broker is not on our list, please contact us at and we will try to have your broker included on our autotrade provider list.

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Offers FREE streaming real-time Level II quotes, intra-day charting, point and click trading, fast confirmations, and low commissions. Trade with SPEED! is a service-oriented leader in the electronic trading field. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service in the industry at the lowest possible cost. We take great pride in our attention to technology and trader support. is a direct access broker that provides the resources you need to trade on the cutting edge. We offer you the Speed, Technology, Service and Choices that aren't readily available from a web-based brokerage.


Autotrade our stock picks with Investrade

Investrade Securities is a division of Chicago area brokerage firm Regal Discount Securities Inc., established in 1975 by president and CEO George Bokios, a founding member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Investrade, known for its longevity in the options markets, exceptional execution and competitive strengths in pricing; appeals to the active trader or those just wanting the benefits of online investing. Investrade offers an array of services, including auto trading of newsletter publisher alerts, stocks, options, mutual funds, fixed income securities, and no-fee IRAs. Experienced and specialized brokers have the ability to handle complex option trades and strategies in this expanding market. Never miss a trading alert and let Investrade execute your Insight Stock Pick alerts, for convenience with no extra fees.


Autotrade our stock picks with optionsXpress

optionsXpress is a pioneer in online options trading, headed by a unique management team with over 30 years combined experience in the options marketplace. David Kalt, James Gray and Ned Bennett came together in late 1999 with a shared vision to build a better online brokerage for the retail option investors.


Autotrade our stock picks with thinkorswim

thinkorswim, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1999 to give self-directed option traders the tools they had dreamed of but didn't expect to actually find. We're committed to great fills, fast executions, keeping commissions low and the software free. Appropriately located at ground-zero of derivatives trading, Chicago, IL, thinkorswim encompasses retail stock, option and futures brokerage, institutional and high-net worth asset management, RED Option Advisory, and Liquid professional trading platform. thinkorswim is built to handle our clients' most strenuous demands. We recognize the complexity of option trading, and the company is staffed with option industry veterans to answer the most challenging questions and solve the most difficult problems. We review and update our technology continuously to offer clients the fastest, most seamless order routing, trade analysis, and position monitoring available. If you're looking to start trading options like a professional, welcome aboard. We're ready for you.

AOS, Inc.

Autotrade our stock picks with AOS

AOS has been offering AUTO-TRADE to advisory subscribers for 9 yrs. If you subscribe to a trading advisory service for stocks, options or futures, but also have a life away from your computer or fax terminal, AOS is the broker for you. . With the proper written authorization, AOS will execute all the recommended trades, both entry and exit. AOS provides premium execution for individuals and institutions. In addition to Auto-Trade, customers may also take advantage of option principal assistance and premium floor broker execution. AOS will deliver with an emphasis on being helpful. The marginal commissions charged are among the industry's lowest, while the professional execution utilized is among the industry's finest. This combination will assist any trader in becoming more successful.

Please click on the banner above to learn more about AOS, Auto-Trade, and the limited time special for new accounts!

Terra Nova Online

Autotrade our stock picks with TerraNoveOnline

Terra Nova was founded on the principle of providing traders with the technological resources, education and customer support needed to become a more successful trader. Our number one rating in trading technology, portfolio reports and customer service (Barron's, March 2005) solidifies our dedication to this standard and provides yet another example of why Terra Nova has been a leader amongst direct access trading brokers since 1996.

With Terra Nova's rich experience and technological expertise, you can be sure that Terra Nova will process your trade when Insight StockPicks makes the recommendation.

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