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  • 4-12 Swing Trades per month
  • Consistent Profits - an average of 6.24% per month in 2006
  • Less than 15 minutes per day!
  • Daily updates on all current trades
  • Precise entry and exit points
  • Disciplined stop loss management system
  • Both short term and long term swing trades
  • Proprietary technical indicators
  • ONLY $49.99 per month!
  • What Does Insight Stock Picks Offer?

    Swing traders attempt to capture profits from short term trends. Through the use of our proprietary technical indicators, we identify the stocks that are most likely to trend in the short term. We then pass these selected stocks on to our subscribers.

    Each day before the stock market opens, our subscribers log on to our members area to check whether we have listed any new orders for stock trades in our daily alert.

    The daily alerts tell you which stocks we are trading, our precise buy and sell prices, and where we are placing our stop losses. We eliminate all the guesswork. Everything you need to follow our trades is listed in an easy to follow format

    You do not need to spend all day in front of the computer to trade our picks. The Insight Stock Picks' method requires less than 15 minutes per day!

    The Insight Stock Picks' Swing Trading Strategy

    At Insight Stock Picks, our swing trade strategy consists of two types of swing trades; short-term swing trades and long-term swing trades. Short-term swing trades have a holding period of 1-10 trading days and a profit target of at least 5%. Long-term swing trades have a longer holding period of up to 30 days and a larger profit target of at least 10%.

    We use a disciplined stop loss management system to lock in any profits and to guarantee our losses remain within our tolerance level. Our philosophy for consistent gains is "cut your losses and let your profits run."

    For more information, please visit our Swing Trading Strategies section.

    The Insight Stock Picks' Online Stock Trading Method

    Our method for online stock trading is to post, before the market opens, a daily alert that includes our stock orders for the day. You as a subscriber simply mimic our orders. We post exact entry and exit points and also post any adjustments to our stop loss.

    Our stock trading method takes all the guesswork out of your online trading. You will never be left wondering whether you should enter or exit a trade. Just mimic our orders by placing the same order with your online broker.

    It's that simple. You will spend less than 15 minutes a day on your online swing trading. Let us do the research while you go out and enjoy your life!

    For more information, please visit our Online Stock Trading section.

    Autotrade Our Stock Picks

    We offer autotrading at no cost to our subscribers. If your online broker is listed in our autotrading partners list, just inform them that you wish to autotrade our daily stock picks.

    Each day we send to our autotrade brokerage partners a copy of our daily alert. Our autotrade partners then enter the exact same order listed in our alert in to the accounts of our autotrade customers. Nothing is required on the subscriber's part. There is no additional charge for autotrading by either Insight Stock Picks or by our autotrade partners.

    For more information, please visit our Autotrade section.

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